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photo: in the tidal river Ouse in Sussex  testing an experimental zero-head pico hydro-turbine designed and built for a university project made partially from reclaimed materials.

Jakob Kaye is an artist, maker, scientist, gardener and experimenter in the field of engineering inspired by nature, biomimicry and off-grid technologies.

Biomimicry is the term used to describe the application of imitating an aspect of nature for the purpose of enhancing a design.

Since a young age Jakob has been part of the growth and evolution of various businesses and projects, having set up Antenna Studios in London in 2002 and now living in rural Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland since 2013.

Having completed a BSc degree in 'Engineering for Society' with honours (a pilot degree at the University of Sussex bridging the gap between engineering and environmental/social science) Jakob felt his next step was to immerse himself in nature to advance his learning and understanding of the elements and environment with his family.

Jakob lives amongst woodlands and purchased land including a 1.3 acre walled garden (Barjarg Walled Garden) which he is single-handedly re-instating from dereliction using organic and sustainable methods with a permaculture and biodynamic approach. These are Jakobs stomping grounds for his experimental trials, inspiration and observations to take place to tackle current issues involving climate change, decreasingly predictable weather patterns and suitable growing methods.

Examples of artistic works can be found on this site, mainly relating to Jakobs medium using mirrors. These artworks have previously used images of engineering, architectural, spiritual, mythological and scientific subject matters which glow through the mirror to allow the observer to consider his or her place amongst the glowing lines. Jakob is continuing to experiment with ideas in his workshop.

photo: MirrorGlow, the name Jakob uses for his artwork medium