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"Having been brought up in a very creative house-hold, I was encouraged by my mother Nanna Bjornsdottir to keep a sketch book from a very early age. Much of my early splatters and sketches involved rainbows, a fascination of mine because of the incredible colours and geometry as well as through my interest in Icelandic folk-lore symbolism (a rainbow being a bridge to Valhalla). When my mother went to art college I was very interested in her colourist symbolisms and the power of contrast, texture and shape.

During my time at Camberwell Art College (foundation) I was focusing on 3D/sculpture using mechanics and engineering mathematics in my work which was not encouraged by my tutor, therefore I applied to other institutions to study engineering rather than art to further my ambition to build 'correct' shapes and play with geometry, kinetic mechanism and electricity. I was accepted to the University of Sussex to do a foundation in engineering involving the broad spectrum of materials, dynamics, mechanics, electromagnetism, maths and these types of subjects in respect to sculpture.

Recent work have involved mirrors and light boxes. The images in my recent exhibition shown below symbolise breakthroughs in engineering. The mirrors allow the viewer to blur the sharp glowing lines into your own image with the intention of empowerment and inspiration whilst feeling the contrast of natural human form and engineering science.

More recent work involves kinetic movement using natural energy and practical applications of sculpture to transfer energy into other forms." -Jakob

Past Exhibitions

22nd May 2011:

Venue:Royal Festival Hall Ballroom


Having had a proposal accepted by BEAM Festival (organised by Brunel University), myself and a team comprising of Ted Randal, Michael Keane and David Beschizza constructed an instrument made from a scrap piano in one day which was chosen as the winning sculpture at the event. The basic idea is to use all the parts and materials in one piano to turn it into a new unique musical instrument. More information can be found here. 

The sides and lid of the piano were cut into bars which we tuned into 2 octaves of chromatic notes. The hammer mechanisms were adapted and split into 3 layers to allow the piano keys to hit the relative wooden bars underneath the keyboard.

25th September - 30th October 2010 

Venue: Antenna Studios, London


The theme was based on the fusion of art and science, exploring the role of materials and redundant technologies in an 'exponentially increasing rate of change' world.

Etched Mirrors 'light-boxes' portrayed images of revolutionary engineering feats throughout history. The use of materials was chosen to include the audience within the image a create a changing focus between dimensions of diagramatic lines and the natural human form in the reflection. The mirrors were salvaged from a closing down framing factory and rescued from being smashed in a skip. The timber frames were sourced from a reclaimed timber yard.

Sculptures of robots were made with steel frames and built up from 'scrap' components from electronic items and various mechanical parts and elements found in bins or scrap-yards.